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Mini SINGLE COLOR Controller in White

Mini SINGLE COLOR Controller in White

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The smallest single color controller on the market.
Mini SINGLE COLOR Controller
Color: White / Black
Input Voltage: 12V
Dynamic modes : 5 Modes
PWM control level: 256 levels
Speed grade of dynamic mode : 6 levels
Brightness level of static colors : 8 levels
Max. output current : 12A (8A recommended)
Estimation of Max. Length of strips: 5m x2 : 5050 60LED/m
10m x2 : 5050 30LED/m
10m x2 : 3528 120LED/m
20m x2 : 3528 60LED/m
Max output power: 144W (12A x 12V )
Working temperature: -30C-75C
Size: L42 x W12 x H3 mm
Weight: 13g

Finally Arrived!
Speed Adjustable 5 Pre-Programmed Modes for SINGLE Color LED strip.

When the color is static, this controller also can be a dimmer. It has nice Auto-Saving function to save the last setting you used.

There are 3 keys on its ultra slim body, but there is no turned on/off button.

The max output current is 12A/144W, you can control up to 20m (10m x2) of 3528 120/LED Strips as you can see in the left chart.

It is the smallest controller on the market, but it is also one of most powerful controller on the current market.

Install this mini Single Color Controller, and make your LED strips alive!!

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