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DMX512 1990/PX24506 Decoder 9A Amplifier 12V 24V 2CT029DMX

DMX512 1990/PX24506 Decoder 9A Amplifier 12V 24V 2CT029DMX

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DMX512/1990 Decoder / Driver (PX24506)
Decode CH : 3
Max. Output Current: 9A (3A x3)
Input Signal : DMX-512/1990 digital signal
Power Supply: DC12-24V

Power Consumption :


Power Output :

12V:108W, 24V:216W
Operating Temperature : 0~50 degree
Size: L86 x W51 x H17.8mm
Weight: 79g
  • 256-level brightness and full-color control
  • It has 3 channels output, Max.3A/CH
  • With a control system, it can make a variety of effects
  • It can set the DMX address freely

Welcome to use PX series DMX512 decoder & driver. PX series converted the DMX512/1990 digital signal widely used in international to the analog control signal.

1~3 channels output for option and each channel is able to achieve 256 gradations of controling, and also it can be used as the connector of PC digital light controller and analog light modulator. It is mainly used for the controlling of buildings & lights applied LED.

 Package included: 
 1 x DMX512/1990 Decoder/Driver
 1 x small slot-head screw driver
 1 x User Guide
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