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T8 LED Tube 4FT 3 in 1 Plug & Play 18W 5000K 3N1T8-18W Case of 30

T8 LED Tube 4FT 3 in 1 Plug & Play 18W 5000K 3N1T8-18W Case of 30

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Case of 30 T8 LED Tube lights. These are 3 in 1 T8 meaning they can use single end, dual end, and PNP (Plug and Play) with or without ballast.


1. Our 3 in 1 LED T8 lamps can be used directly with 110V input voltage, all the inductance of the stone ballast (do not remove the starter), and most of the electronic ballast.

2. For compatible ballast, if it is a ballast to drive two or more of the tube, with the power of the LED lamp with the traditional T8 lamp can work simultaneously on the same rectifier

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  • The lamp light source adopts single brightness 28LM more than 2835 different schemes, milk white efficiency of up to 100 + 5LM/W;
  • Integration of multiple high brightness SMD light source, the formation of linear combination;
  • The special process package, strong and durable, life of up to 50000 hours;
  • Green environmental protection, no ultraviolet, infrared, thermal radiation and mercury pollution;
  • As a cold light source, LED lighting will not cause the phenomenon of the goods due to irradiation;
  • Using high quality expansion mask, soft light, a high rate of light, light effect beyond the traditional fluorescent lamp;
  • High color rendering index, display the most intuitive and clear, and color temperature;
  • Fast response, no flicker, small glare, light instantly reach full luminous flux output;
  • Solid light source, strong shock resistance, easy transportation and installation, high safety;
  • Light emitting direction is strong, easy to control the light, effectively improve the efficiency of the lighting system;
  • Modeling is novel and fashionable, close to customer needs and feelings, into the more scientific and technological elements and humanized design of energy-saving low consumption, than traditional fluorescent lamp energy saving more than 70%, to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp. If the electronic ballast is damaged, compatible with LED light tube direct power, still use, single ended or double end power LED lamp can be lighting, the general is particularly good.

Energy Savings

Each of our 36W LED T8 tube saves an average of $5.45 USD and 23.71 kWh/year over a standard 59W fluorescent tube. That may not seem like much, but multiply that amount by the amount of T8 tubes a large warehouse, office building, or garage uses and the savings will definitely add up. The Return on Investment (ROI) is typically earned back within 18 months of the retrofit and it includes the price of the lamps and installation for most applications.


Our LED T8 tubes are able to operate for up to 50,000 hours to minimize costs on replacements and maintenance. Standard fluorescent tubes have a typical life span of 15,000 hours; you would have to replace three fluorescent tubes within one life span of a single 36W LED T8 tube.


The LED T8 tubes we manufacture use a standard UL single end power source. The tube will require the removal of the existing ballast and starter (if so equipped) from the fixture and route the power directly to the input end of the LED tube. Our LED T8 tubes are able to use the same fixture and mounts as the previous fluorescent tube.


Each of our LED T8 tube housings are made with an aluminum poly-carbonate housing designed to provide superior thermal dissipation when compared to the standard LED T8 tube on the market. Inside of each tube contains 432 SMD LED chips that provide the impressive 3800 lm output and a large internal LED driver with a Japanese capacitor to ensure a long and reliable operating life.


The 36W LED T8 Tubes are available; they are always stocked and ready to ship from our Arcadia, CA warehouse. 


  • Office Buildings
  • Storage Facilities
  • Retail Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Parking Lots
  • Churches
  • General Lighting
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Exhibition Malls

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