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D35 Asynchronous Full Color LED Video Display Controller

D35 Asynchronous Full Color LED Video Display Controller

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HD-D35 Full Color Asynchronous Controller System is a LED control system that supports mobile APP control, Web remote control and offline play HD Video. Supporting computer control software HDPlayer, mobile phone control software LedArt and HD technology clouds management platform. HD-D35 can play offline with on-board 4GB storage space which is for storing program files.

Product Feature:
1. Support all kinds of door full-color module,
2. Control Range:1024*64,
3. Support 256~ 65536 gray level,
4. Support the word art, animation background, neon light effect,
5. U-disk unlimited expansion program, plug in broadcast,
6. No need set IP, HD-D35 could be identified by controller ID automatically,
7. Support 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/ and network cluster management remote management,
8. Support 720P video hard decode, 60Mhz frame rate output.


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