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White 1 FT 4 Color Changing RGB Extension Cable for 4 Pin RGB LED Strip ( 4 PCS )

White 1 FT 4 Color Changing RGB Extension Cable for 4 Pin RGB LED Strip ( 4 PCS )

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White 1 FT 4 Color Changing RGB Extension Cable for 4 Pin RGB LED Strip e 4 Pin LED Connector for SMD 5050 3528 2835 RGB LED Light Strip Lights ( 4 PCS )
This RGB 1 FT extension cable is coated in a white insulated plastic cover ideal for RGB 5050/ 3528/ 2835 LED strip lights/ribbon lights. They are used to extend the length between the led strip and the controller. It is also used to extend length between led strips using the RGB 4 Pin connector. It will enable you to install your led strips in your preferred locations.
The insulated plastic cover of this cable adopts high quality PVC, anti-corrosive makes it easy for you to hide the extension wire. This RGB extension cable uses 4 strands of pure copper wires inside, which ensures perfect electric conductivity.
The cable is durable due to the coating and the connectors fit snug with RGB 4 Pin. We also include 8 x 4pin male plugs  so you can change the connector from female to male on each end as needed. This eliminated the need to weld or solder, just use the 4 Pins to connect the extension to an RGB strip.
This accessory is made for you to easily install RGB strip lights.
Package Includes: 
4 x 1 FT 4 pin white extension cable for RGB LED strips 
8x male to male 4 pin plugs.
  • Length: 1 FT Extension Cable
  • Made to fit low voltage 05050/3528 RGB LED strip lights that are 10mm wide.
  • Connect between the RGB Controller and 5050/3528 RGB LED strips. This is made for installations that need RGB wire between the controller and the LED strip light. For example, your power and controller are in a cabinet and you want the lights to be at the top of the cabinet which is 1 FT away. You can connect the controller to this 1 FT extension able and then the other end of the 1 FT cable goes to the LED strip. This will make your installation look a lot cleaner.
  • With a pre-soldered female connector at each end of the extension cable and 2 male 4 pin plugs(copper electroplated) that you can connect directly into the female ends. You can change each end from male to female and vice versa. It is ideal for 5050/3528 RGB LED strips or RGB controllers to get them connected, without soldering.
  • The white PVC plastic coating is durable and flexible. The copper wires inside are made to take a lot of bending without breaking.

Whats in the package:

4 x 1 FT 4 pin white extension cables for RGB LED strips

8 x male to male 4 pin plugs.

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